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It's a Girl!

Bethany Cheyenne Reynolds

We are proud to announce that Bethany Cheyenne Reynolds was delivered by Cesarean section Friday, October 17, 1997, at 4:55 pm Central Time at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Florida. Mom and baby pulled through with no problems.

Bethany Cheyenne was six pounds, seven ounces at birth and eighteen inches long. She was delivered three weeks early by one of the world's best OB/GYN doctors: Dr. Elaine Sharp from Pensacola.

Over 250,000 names were submitted from nearly 60 countries on our online "name the baby" pages. No one submitted the name Bethany we'll explain how we came up with the name. We read every one of the submissions from this site (and its mirror s) and made a list of possible names as we went. It just so happens the name Bethany and the name Cheyenne were written on the list in facing columns and we liked how they sounded together.

The name Bethany was submitted about 125 times from about 30 countries, while the name Cheyenne was submitted about 10 times from six counties. Since no one officially won the $20 calling card we offered for the winning name, we will be making a much larg er contribution to area children's charities.

We'd like to literally thank the world for helping us with little Bethany Cheyenne...but most of all, we thank the Lord for our miracle.

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